6 reasons to use postcards for your next marketing campaign

Postcards from Colourcards are the ideal marketing tool for any business, from small companies and sole traders to the best known international brands – Have a look at the gallery page to see a small selection of marketing postcards that we have printed for other customers.

  1. Postcards are the ideal way to send focused marketing messages - drive traffic to your website, promote your new product, keep in touch with your customers
  2. 1000 cards for £99 - cheaper than business cards, more impact than flyers
  3. Quick and easy to design, printed in 7 days - why bother with brochures or leaflets - and so much cheaper to post!
  4. Printed on really thick card with a high gloss varnish on the front they have a look and feel of quality and professionalism
  5. Research shows that postcards are retained and used much more than paper based flyers - they are pinned up, propped up, stuck up, used as business cards or bookmarks
  6. Keeping existing customers is far cheaper than gaining new prospects - but you have to keep in touch - postcards are the ideal way to keep your company at the front of your customers' minds

Don't just take out word for it, read an article from The Times about postcard marketing.