....about artwork

Q: What format should the artwork be in?

For the front of your postcard we can accept .JPEG, .TIFF or Postscript files or complete finished artwork created in the following programs in either Apple Mac or PC format:

  • QuarkXpress (up to version 6.5)
  • InDesign (up to version CS3)
  • Illustrator (up to version CS3)
  • Photoshop
  • Acrobat PDF
  • Microsoft Word

Output your file at 300dpi minimum. If you are working in a DTP package, set the page size to A6 (105 x 148mm) or A5 (148 x 210mm) as appropriate. Don't forget to attach all fonts and pictures.

If you want to apply a colour profile to your image then please choose Euroscale Coated v2.
This profile is applied during the proofing stage so will overwrite any other profile you apply.
Please allow an extra 3mm on each edge for bleed. We will trim off this extra 3mm of image to give a perfect finish.

Q: I have an image that I have taken with my digital camera that I want to use for the front of a postcard. Will this work?

A: Yes that should be fine. You will need to make sure that it is taken at a high resolution, sometimes described as "hi quality" on the camera settings. Save it on your PC as a TIFF or a JPEG file at the highest resolution.

Q: I have a traditional photograph that that I want to use for the front of a postcard. Will this work?

A: Yes. You can scan this yourself and supply this to us on disk or by email. You must scan to A6 size, at 300dpi, and save the file as a JPEG. Don't forget to check the quality of the scan, and to clean it up in a photographic re-touching program if necessary. Alternatively you can supply a photograph for us to scan. You need to send instructions as to how you want it to be cropped. We charge £15 per scan.

Q: Can I send you a digital photograph of my artwork?

A: Unless it is taken with a professional camera under studio conditions, the quality is unlikely to be adequate. You can email us a test shot for appraisal.

Q: Can I use tints on the back of the postcard?

A: Yes. Tints and any type of line artwork are acceptable.

Q: If I wish to amend my artwork after a proof has been sent to me, will there be an extra charge?

A: If minor amendments are required to the content only (ie words or layout) we can male these changes for you at a charge of £15. We will send a PDF proof for approval. If amendments are required to the colour we will send you a new colour proof by post, this will cost a total of £20. For more significant changes we can quote on an individual basis.

....about printing

Q: How close will my printed cards be to the proof?

We supply press calibrated inkjet proofs for your approval. The nature of the print process means that we print many different postcards on one sheet, which are then guillotine cut to give individual postcards. Every care is taken to match each card as closely as possible to your proof and it is very rare for us not to be able to provide excellent results. If you have a particularly demanding artwork or fine art application please contact us for advice.

Q: Can I request a different size card other than A6 or A5?

A: Yes. We can trim to smaller sizes, for instance many customers cut A6 cards in half to make two business cards. However, there would be an extra charge of £30 per 1000 finished cards.

....about delivery

Q: How soon will I receive my cards after I sign the proof?

A: We guarantee to deliver your cards within 7 working days from receiving your approval of the proofs. However we can often improve on this and we regularly deliver printed postcards within 4-5 days. Please ask us when placing your postcard order.

Q: Can I provide you with more than one address for delivery?

A: Yes. One delivery to anywhere in mainland UK is included in our price. However, each additional address will cost £20 (within London) or £30 (outside London).

....about payment

Q: When should I pay for my postcard order?

A: We require payment before we despatch your postcards (or on collection).

Q: How can I pay for my postcards?

Q: We will send an invoice with your proofs. When you approve the proofs you can call us to make a credit card payment, pay by bank transfer or send a cheque.